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Convert your Toyota Prius 2004-2009 GEN2 to Plug-In hybrid with our conversion kit?

If you own Toyota Prius hybrid car you can convert it to plugin hybrid with litium battery back 4-14kWh, BMS, battery charger and control boards. You can charge your car for example via standard 230V AC trough Defa or Galix -plug. With converted Prius you burn less gas and get three additional plugin drive modes to your vehicle. Short distances can be drived totally electric.
We have developed, updated and tested our Pistokehybridi Prius conversion kit eight years in Finland. You can even do conversion yourself with our DIY kit.

Kit have three additional drive modes:

1. Full EV (Top Speed 85km/h)

2. EV mode (Top Speed over 100km/h), Combustion engines is in idle mode 

3. Combine mode, use both electric motor and combustion engine to get about half fuel consumption 

4. Emulated hybrid mode with better regeneration

What battery cells can be used with Prius Plug-In conversion?

Prius GEN2  Full plugin Kit original Prius NiMH cells are not needed anymore and they can removed (this save wight about 30kg)

We think that best way is to use used LI-Ion cells from broken EVs, like Nissan Leaf or Mitsubishi IMiev used cells. Those have balanced quality and prices are reasonable. You can also use new or used Li-Ion cylinder cells for small capacity battery. We recommend to order cells near from you because transport costs are high.

For example using 34pcs used Nissan Leaf battery modules (68cells) you will get about 11-14kWh battery capacity. 

Pistokehybridi DIY Kit prices

Plug-in Kit for Prius 2004-2009
Parts price 1850€ VAT 24% (company with EU VAT address can buy  VAT 0 price)

Prius 2004-2009 (GEN2) Plugin KIT include these parts:
Main controller can bridge board
CAN control cables from mainboard and switches
3x BMS board with 1A active balansing for 68 Li-Ion cells
On board Charger max 3.3kW, weight 4.5kg
To do instructions

What other you need Not included with kit):
- High Volt cables
- Charging port (you can use also others as type 1 or 2), or Galix and Defa motor warming cable sockets
- 68 Li-Ion battery cells in series (for example used cells from crashed electric vehicles etc 25-80Ah)
-Box for battery cells




Pistokehybridi Prius plug-in conversion FAQ

Connect your Prius to 10-16A 230V AC. Easy way is use DEFA or GALIX –warm up connection that is common in nordic countries (DEFA or GALIX max. 2kW charging)

1. Full EV (Top Speed 85km/h, Speed gauge show 90km/h)
2. EV mode (Top Speed over 100m/h), Combustion engine is in idle mode
3. Combined mode, use both electric motor and combustion engine to get about half fuel consumption

You can change modes from EV switch

When using EV mode logic changes drive mode to Combined mode firstly. When battery is totally empty it change combined mode to hybrid mode. In Full EV mode you have to stop car and restart car to normal hybrid mode.

Full Kit (2003-2009 Prius)
Battery will installed to trunk. Normal Prius battery cells will removed. New battery will connects directly High voltage plus and minus connection. To back is installed battery and charger. Install two control boards to cabin, main board and ECM control board. To cabin you need to install only Plugin main on/off switch and EV-switch if you car don't have EV switch or don't like to modify your existing EV button. Main board and ECM board make CAN bus bridge.

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